Schedule of Fees

The fee structure for AB Consultancy is varied by what is needed for the family. Fee structure will be discussed at the initial consultation where parents and caregivers can select what options they wish to include in their package. Families accessing specific therapy sessions will not be charged for resource packs although if technical aides and therapy equipment are needed this is not covered by AB Consultancy.

Initial parent/s and caregivers consultation.

Duration 60 mins


Extended initial parent/s caregivers consultation for more than one client

Duration 90 mins


Travel costs will be discussed on client bookings and is charged at per 30 minutes.


Resource Packs

These are provided throughout the course of the consultancy period. They include charts, sensory equipment and other resources that will help your child/children.

Minimum resource pack

Maximum resource pack

The pack you recieve will be discussed with you.

In-home observation

Duration 60 min

Duration 90 min

Duration 120 min


In-home observation out of hours

Duration 60 mins

Duration 90 mins

Duration 120 mins






Therapeutic Supports

These intensive sessions are one on one appointments focusing on parent requests such as gross motor function, communication, developmental function and behaviour. Parents and caregivers will be given follow up programs to support their child's learning.


Early Intervention

These intensive sessions are one on one appointments to upskill children with critical skills at an optimum time in their learning.


AB Consultancy is now a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Please check with your claims manager to see if you are eligible for using AB Consultancy as part as your NDIS.



These will only be written if requested or needed by another agency. If a report is needed it will be negotiated with the family. Reports are particularly handy for your child's school or other agencies for them to have a greater understanding of your child's needs.

Case Conferences

Sometimes a conference between agencies is required. This is a flate rate and any travel time incurred.

Support Work - Mentor Supports

TOur Support Workers assist in the delivery of in-home supports, local recreational and social activities and mentor supports under the NDIS. Our Support Workers promote mutual respect with the individuals they support and build trust with the families they work alongside with. By assisting individuals and families to look outside the box they develop individual programs to work towards your child's goals.