AB Consultancy formulates positive behaviour strategies to use with your child/children. By providing a range of materials, analysis and report services to assist you in implementing the methods and techniques of positive behaviour support to your family. AB Consultancy will work with other agencies, schools and kindergartens to gain a clear picture of what your child/children need.

Holiday Programs

- Small Group local excursions

- Small Group interest groups

- Social activities

- Interest-Based activities

- Individual Planning

- Life Skills acitivities  

Additional Services

- Case Conferences

- Report Writing

- Resource Packs

- Online Resource Access

- Interagency Support Management

- Resources for Support in the local    community.

-Sibling Supports

Theraputic Supports

-Specifically focused sessions on identified areas of concern such as self-help, behaviour and communication and social skills

- Upskilling Parents with therapy sessions

- Resource Packages to maintain therapy program

- Registered to provide supports under the NDIS










In-home Supports

- Direct observation in the home

- Observation times set both in and out of work hours to ensure all family members are included in the process
- Detailed data and assessment of the client is gathered for resources and outcome making for the family

School-Based Supports

-We work directly with educational settings

- Information is shared with settings to assist children in reaching their goals

Articles & Resources